Sivagamiyin Sabatham

Sivagamiyin Sabatham
Categories : Divine  ,  General  ,  Stories
Author: Kalki
Publisher: Giri
Price: Rs.390


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Sivagamiyin sabatham  is a Tamil historical novel  written by Kalki in 1944 Believed by some to be one of the first historical novels in Tamil it was originally serialized in the weekly Kalki for about 12 years This was later published as a novel Along with Ponniyin Selvan this is widely regarded as one of the greatest novels ever written in Tamil Set in 7th century south India against the backdrop of various historical events and figures the novel created widespread interest in Tamil history when it was being published in the 1940s Honour love and friendship form important themes that run through the course of the novel t would be tough to point out who the real hero of the novel is Mahendravarman I the Pallava emperor plays an important role in the first half of the story while his sonNarasimhavarman comes into his own as the novel progresses The plot revolves around the historical events of the Chalukya king  Pulakesi IIlaying a siege of Kanchi and Narasimhavarman avenging this by attacking Vatapi the capital of the Chalukyas The novel is divided into four parts

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