Shiva Pravaahaa (Audio MP3)

Shiva Pravaahaa (Audio MP3)
Category : Religion & Spirituality
Author: Balarishi Sri Vishvashirasini
Publisher: Nammabooks Collection
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Shiva Pravaahaa Soothing chants by Sri Vishwashirasini (Instant Download -MP3)



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About Balarishi:

Balarishi Sri Viswasirashini,who responded to the inner call of the divine, reciting sacred and secret  mantras within her, which she managed to write down. at the tender age of 10.Though she grew as a playful child,she was able to hear a voice of sidhas and gurus.

Later on the flow of mantras became so fluent and powerful and she had glimpses of her past life and the lieniage of her Gurus.Even before crossing the age of 10, she insisted on being taken to Suruli Hills.

She is being guided through subtle communications by Siddhas and Rishis and the main guiding  spiritual force behind her Saadhana is Mahashri Bahuladevi Samedha, Kakabhujanda Sidhar.

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