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Chakra Healing - Heart Chakra The Anahata Chakra
It is the experience of the sages of India that human life is a great opportunity for spiritual evol..
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Chakra Healing - The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra)
The chakras are subtle centers in the body (Corresponding to the nerve plexuses in the spinal cord) ..
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Chakra Healing - Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra)
It is the experience of the sages of Indian that human life is a great opportunity for spiritual evo..
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Chakra Healing Crown Chakra Sahasraara
The chakras are centres of vital energy in the subtle body, revealed by the great sages of India. I..
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Chants For Meditation
1. Om Sri Mahaganadhi Pathaye Namaha 2. Om Saravana Bhava 3. Om Swamiye Saranam Ayappa 4. Om Sri Aru..
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Healing Meditation
Soft and soothing music played to a relaxing pace stills your thoughts and helps you look inward. Th..
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Healing Ragas
Music heals by relaxing the mind and giving the body a better chance to neutralize stress hormones. ..
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Lord Shiva - Initiation to Meditation
Shiva beckons sweetly ….Shiva inspires awe. Shiva is the foremost of ascetics….Shiva, the greatest o..
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Mantras For Meditation Vol- I
1. Ganapathi Mantra 2. Gayathri Mantra 3. Isavasya 4. Lakshmi Ashtothra 5. Rudhram 6. Chamakam 7. ..
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Meditation is the one cure for all the ills of modern life. It is the rain of nectar that drives awa..
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