Chakra Healing - Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra)

Chakra Healing - Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra)
Categories : CD's  ,  Health  ,  Meditation
Author: Vamanan
Publisher: Geethanjali
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It is the experience of the sages of Indian that human life is a great opportunity for spiritual evolution. They looked at the entire spectrum of life form the spiritual angle. It was in this manner that they discovered the chakras, psychic energy centers in the human body that shows the path to higher consciousness. The correct balance and health of the chakras gives good health and a fruitful life. The Vishuddha Chakra, the Fifth chakra is located in the throat. It is the centre of the ether (aakaasha) Principle, and the power of hearing, speaking and creativity are associated with it (being the dwelling place of Saraswati, the goddess of learning). It is described as the region of the moon, the moon without a single blemish, the ‘gateway of the great liberation’. One, who mingles with this chakra by concentration, becomes a great sage enjoying perennial peace of mind. Such a person’s words and thoughts become the engines of spiritual energy. An unbalanced and unhealthy throat chakra severely impeds the capacity to communicate with others and also creates problems related to the thyroid, throat and ear. When the Throat Chakra is in fine balance, the individual reaches the peak of creativity and inspiration. Raaga Jaijaivanti is associated with the throat chakra and bestows all the positive vibrations of the chakra on the listener. In this reare album, Pandit Veereshwar Madri, who comes in the line of Panchakshari Gawai of the Gadag school of Hindustani music, plays Jaijavanti in the authentic traditional way on the rare instrument, the Tarshenai. THE MUSIC 1. Raag Jaijavanti- Vilambit Ek Taal – ‘Paalan ghad laare badaiyya’; Drut Teen taal –‘Kidhar Gaye He Manmohan’ 2. Raghupati Raghava Rajaram – based on Jaijaivanti 3. Jaijagadeesha Hare – Aarati 4. Thumri – Mishra Peelu – Taal Deepchandi – ‘Jis nagar daandharma nahi, us nagar rehna kya re’.

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