Meditation into The Light

Categories : CD's  ,  Health  ,  Meditation
Author: Aadithyan Titus
Publisher: Geethanjali
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Meditation is the one cure for all the ills of modern life. It is the rain of nectar that drives away the fever of anxiety. It is the calm and silence that stills all clash and clamour and bestows peace and happiness. The seven lovely tracks of ‘Meditation into the Light’ build on music’s capacity for deep introspection and serenity and naturally still the mind and turn it inwards. This helps reduce stress and induce relaxation. The spiritual light is the matrix of everything in the cosmos. Turn to it through these meditative tracks and let a deeper light shine in all the dimensions of your life. Return ti this album everyday, and watch the ineffable peace pervade you. 1. Awakening 2. Inner Journey 3. Upswing 4. Journey into the light 5. Indian Nights 6. Serenity 7. Peace of mind

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