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Absolute Relaxation
Let go with ‘Absolute Relaxation’ and feel the benefits of saying goodbye to stress. Enjoy greater e..
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Bali Spa
We could all do with a little peace and serenity in our day to day lives. When the outside world bec..
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Let the intimate and fragrant breath of the flute takeover. Latch on to the airy melodies of ‘Flute ..
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Enter windswept vistas of sweeping grandeur through ‘Guitar Relaxation’ and let your unchanined mind..
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Healing Ragas
Music heals by relaxing the mind and giving the body a better chance to neutralize stress hormones. ..
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Meditation Music
1. The Awakening 2. Surrender To The Supreme 3. Bliss Of Divine Union Meditation Music heals the bod..
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Meditation Music For Mind, Body And Soul
1. Breathe 2. The Journey 3. Vibrations 4. Self Realisation 5. Inner Peace..
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Meditation Ragas
The mind is a ceaseless sea of waves that gives no rest. But when you follow the movements of the pe..
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Music For Aroma Therapy
1. Tilting waves 2. Purifying sounds 3. Healing vibrations 4. Seeds of love 5. Spring blooms 6. Flow..
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Music For Chakra Meditation
1. Bilawal – Mooladhara Chakra 2. Yaman – Swadhithana Chakra 3. Malkauns – Manipooraka Chakra 4. Bha..
Rs.200 Rs.180
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