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Music For Feng Shui
1. Wind chimes of good news 2. Silky winds of Feng Shui 3. Singing birds and bamboos 4. Fire 5. Pos..
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Music For Peace Of Mind
There are occasions in an individuals’ life that we feel with nagging thought of negative nature and..
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Music For Relaxation
Relaxation is a process or state with the aim of recreation through leisure activites or idling and ..
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Music for Relaxation
1. Solitary Dusk 2. Tilting Waves 3. Enchantment 4. Milky way 5. Tranquil Dream 6. Moonlit Rain 7. N..
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Music for Relaxation - Just Bliss
‘Just Bliss’ is a collection of musical pieces that will elevate the listener’s mind, body and consc..
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Music For Spa And Relaxation
Enhance your sense of well-being by filling your ambience with harmonies that invigorate you form in..
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Music Therapy For De-Stress & Relaxation
1. Music Therapy provides positive changes in mood and emotional status. 2. Music captivates and mai..
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Music To Enhance Intellect & Creativity
Creativity is a ability, which is in short supply. It is valued by all segments of the society. Wo..
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Music To Overcome Depression
Now a day everyone uses this as common terminology for their inability to accept the reality. Depre..
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Music To Overcome Headache & Migrane
Headache is medically know as cephalagia, sometimes spells as cephalgia. It is a condition of pain i..
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