Anandam Anantam - 2ACD

Anandam Anantam - 2ACD
Categories : CD's  ,  Classical Vocal
Author: Jeyaraaj & Jaysri
Publisher: Swathi's Sanskriti Series
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Anandam Anantam

A journey into

Jeyaraaj & Jaysri

Sangeetham or improvised Music is the touchstone of Carnatic Classical Music.
Tanam is one of the most important, lively and bewitching aspect of Manodharma
Sangeetham. In the genre of Ragam Tanam Pallavi, Tanam is sung after the
Raga Alapana and before entering into the Pallavi. It is also called Madhyamakalam
or Ghanam. Though there is no specific time measure (Tala), a perceptible
rhythm prevails. Traditionaly while singing Tanam the syllables , anandam
and anantam are skillfully woven into rhythmic patterns . Tanam is a specialized
field in the Veena tradition. It has an extraordinary charm and appeal when
played on the Veena.

JT Jeyaraaj and Jaysri are popular Vainikas and they are the disciples of
A. Anantharama Iyer belonging to the direct Sishya Parampara of Sri Muthuswamy
Dikshithar, one of the Musical Trinity of Carnatic Music. They have both
dedicated themselves towards preserving and propagating the Gayaki style
of playing the Veena. This product features Tanam played by them exquisitely
in 18 Ragas, some of which are performed rarely by musicians today. This
product is a ready reference for musicians as well as students for Tanam
singing or playing.

disc - 1

1. Hindolam

2. Keeravani

3. Mandari

4. Kedaram

5. Huseni

6. Atana

7. Bahudari

8. Chitrambari

9. Navroj

disc - 2

1. Bhairavi

2. Yagapriya

3. Balahamsa

4. Dhanyasi

5. Arabhi

6. Vegavahini

7. Mohanam

8. Nadanamakriya

9. Bageshri

Concept & Copy : Mala Mohan

Sound Engineer : Vedanth Bharadwaj

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