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Meditative Melodies
Deep, tranquill and relaxing music stills your mind and connects you with your inner self easily.Th..
Rs.200 Rs.180
Mind Your Heart - English - DVD
Mind Your Heart Cardiac Expert Dr. V. Chockalingam Heart Attack, the number one killer disease, is ..
Rs.100 Rs.90
Muisc For Deep Meditation
Indian Classical music has deep spiritual roots and is traced to the Sama Veda. The contemplative pl..
Rs.200 Rs.180
Music For Aroma Therapy
1. Tilting waves 2. Purifying sounds 3. Healing vibrations 4. Seeds of love 5. Spring blooms 6. Flow..
Rs.200 Rs.180
Music For Chakra Meditation
1. Bilawal – Mooladhara Chakra 2. Yaman – Swadhithana Chakra 3. Malkauns – Manipooraka Chakra 4. Bha..
Rs.200 Rs.180
Music For Diabetes
1. Pleasant tunes transfers good vibrations in the atmosphere 2. Music acts on our mind before being..
Rs.200 Rs.180
Music for Evening Meditation
1. Raga Yaman - Taal Roopak - Sharanu Siddhivinayaka 2. Raga Mishra Khamaj -- Taal Keherwa - Vaishna..
Rs.200 Rs.180
Music For Feng Shui
1. Wind chimes of good news 2. Silky winds of Feng Shui 3. Singing birds and bamboos 4. Fire 5. Pos..
Rs.200 Rs.180
Music For Peace Of Mind
There are occasions in an individuals’ life that we feel with nagging thought of negative nature and..
Rs.200 Rs.180
Music For Pregnancy & Babies
1. Music acts on our mind before being transformed into thought and feeling. 2. Music influences the..
Rs.200 Rs.180
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