Yoga (Mind - Body - Medicine) - (Free Booklet) - DVD

Yoga (Mind - Body - Medicine) - (Free Booklet) - DVD
Categories : CD's  ,  Yoga
Author: Dr. Sujatha
Publisher: Swathi's Sanskriti Series
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Yoga (Mind - Body - Medicine)
(Free Booklet)

Special features of this

  • Traditional Yogasanas, Breathing & Meditation techniques provided by an

  • Presentation of Yogasanas in different angles .

  • Clear instructions in English, Hindi and Tamil.

This DVD presents some select Yogasanas that can tone up and
* General Health and prevent/correct

* obesity, * diabetes,
* digestive problems,
* respiratory ailments,
* back & spinal problems,
* pain in knee joints & legs,
* insomnia, it also has exclusive sections for?
* children and

* the elderly.

Mind-Body Medicine is a healing approach that uses the power of
thoughts and emotions to positively influence physical
health.. Yogasanas focus on physical ,mental and emotional health
through mindful breathing, meditation and postures. They influence
psychological well-being and quality of life. Asanas are unique
mind body exercises that are helpful for many ailing conditions as
they promote relaxation, improve coping skills, reduce tension and
pain and lessen the need for medication.

The expert behind this product

Dr. Sujatha-Director of Power Management Consultancy & Patanjali
Yoga Vidhya
Kendran-Chennai is the first Indian to get a Doctorate in Yoga.
Known for her unique
style of teaching asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques, she
demonstrates how thoughts and emotions, when regulated, can have a positive
influence over
physical health. Through her programmes specially designed for
Dr. Sujatha has successfully trained over 20,000 personnel in
various Corporate and
Government bodies.

Free booklet describing 37 asanas for 24 ailments with a complete list of 'do's and 'don'ts.




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