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Leadership Beyond the leader
History is rich with leaders of all kinds. Some, defined by their carpe diem approach, have stoked r..
Leela - The Path of the Playful
This single DVD video set includes footage and selected talks from the one time only, week-long prog..
Living Life to the fullest
In this volume, Sadhguru shares his extraordinary perceptions on a variety of life aspects such as t..
Love- A Chemical Hijack
In “Love – A Chemical Hijack”, Sadhguru explores the different dimensions of love – from the love be..
Magical Mountain
“Devotion does not mean that I have to bow down to you or touch your feet or sing your praises. In e..
Meditation - The InnerYoga
Dhyana or Meditation is a higher state of Yoga that may be attained only after the practitioner h..
Rs.350 Rs.135
Miracle of Life
Miracle of Life..
Music For Yoga
1. Waking up relaxed 2. Life force 3. The third eye 4. Awakening 5. Highest Chakra 6. Energize 7. Oc..
Rs.200 Rs.180
Mystic Wisdom
A series of intimate conversations with a wise and charismatic guru. How many times have each of us ..
Nadha Aradhana Vol-2
adha Aradhana Volume 2 is an offering of sound at the Dhyanalinga, a multi-religious meditation s..
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