Yoga for Beginners - Tamil

Yoga for Beginners - Tamil
Categories : CD's  ,  Yoga
Author: Dr.Ananda Balayogi Bhavnani
Publisher: Geethanjali
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Physical health is the basic thing that is required for success or to achieve anything great. Regular practice of Yogasans (Yogic Postures) helps one to attain good physical health. Asan is one of the preliminary steps of Yogasasta of 8 steps propounded by Sage Patanjali for the physical, metal, moral and spiritual well-being of man as a whole. These simple Yogic Exercises do not drain energy from the body. They not only conserve the energy, but also produce extra energy, which revitalizes the body. AFTER PERFORMING YOGASAN, ONE FEELS FIT AND ENERGETIC 1. Relaxing Postures 2. Preparatory Exercises 3. Suryanamaskar 4. Yogasan, (a) Standing, (b) Sitting, (c) Prone, (d) Supine, (e) Upside Down Postures.

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