Sri Ramanuja Sharanam - Gadya Thrayam of Sri Ramanujacharya - 2 Audio CDs

Sri Ramanuja Sharanam - Gadya Thrayam of Sri Ramanujacharya - 2 Audio CDs
Categories : CD's  ,  Spiritual Sanskrit
Author: Prof. Mysore Nagamani Srinath
Publisher: Swathi's Sanskriti Series
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Sri Ramanuja Sharanam - Gadya Thrayam of Sri Ramanujacharya

This twin audio CD presents the delights of three important works- Gadya Thrayam- of
Sri Ramanujacharya, the Vaishnavite sage, seer and savant who expounded the
Visishtadwaita stream of philosophy. Named Saranagathi Gadya, Sriranga Gadya and
Vaikunta Gadya, these compositions contain the very essence of Sri Ramanuja’s
teachings and enable one to break free from the ceaseless cycle of birth & death and
attain moksha.

Every word and syllable, replete with its soul and the spiritual wisdom of the great
acharya, has been captured by Prof. Mysore Nagamani Srinath who weaves a tantalizing
tapestry of ragas in her mellifluous voice.

A product that will enthrall those have a penchant for music or spiritualism.
Prof. Mysore Nagamani Srinath, an eminent disciple of the late Ramnad Krishnan, is a
multi-faceted personality who has distinguished herself as a vocalist, composer, teacher
and director. Known and revered for her flawless style, resonant voice, intricate and
imaginative raga alapana, she has performed extensively in India and abroad.

Disc Information
Disc CD - 1 CD - 2
Duration 43 mins 43 mins

Backed by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi's Sanskriti Series, uses the best of technology to release this product.

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