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Greatest Works Of Rumi (English)

₹ 275

Greatest Works Of Rumi (English) (Paperback) Price: Rs.275     The lyric and wisdom oetry of Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi has been an insiration throughout the Middle East and Asia for over seven hundred yea Recently, it has also become oular in Western countries through translations and interretive oetic versions in English. But while oula..


The Greatest Works Of Khalil Gibran (English)

₹ 295

The Greatest Works Of Khalil Gibran (English) (Paperback) Price: Rs.295     Kahlil Gibran ? American essayist, philosopher, poet and painter born in Lebanon in 1883. He blended elements of Eastern and Western mysticism and was greatly influenced by Blake and Neitzche. Although his sayings are neither crusades nor sermons, yet the thoug..

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